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CVR Mission Statement

Central Valley Reefers is a group of dedicated marine aquarium hobbyists committed to bringing together people with similar interests throughout Central California. In doing so, we support ecologically-friendly propagation techniques, sharing knowledge through planned events and activities, and providing assistance to fellow enthusiasts in an open and friendly atmosphere.

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  1. Club ideas and thoughts
  2. upgrading tanks vs. mystery wrasse - long story!
  3. MARS frag swap in Dixon on the 21st o feb
  4. the score from jeff's
  5. anenome
  6. LFS
  8. Fresno and Clovis LPS's
  9. Rate all the Reef Stores in Fresno/Clovis
  10. My clown and his clam
  11. Dixon Frag Swap, 2004/02/21 - what will you be bringing?
  12. WOW!! have you seen this?
  13. Made a Quick Logo. Tell me what you think/suggestions
  14. How is your stuff from the Dixon swap?
  16. Great to meet you all
  17. funny link
  18. Adding Links
  19. Going to wholesaler on March 3rd need/want anything?
  20. Crap
  21. wtb: 100 gal acrylic or glass RR
  23. The Score - part II - my tonga branch show piece!
  24. The Score - part I - my *last* rock
  25. can i bum/buy some cyclopse eez off someone?
  26. my new tiger and my new 155G bow tank!
  27. tank covers
  28. Who is Main3215?
  29. Anyone keeping acros without halides, or just added them?
  30. Cool things I saw today
  31. pink zoo
  32. fish-wish-lishT
  33. Additional User Profile Information
  34. is there an electrician in the house?
  35. looking for a QUIET Canopy Fan
  36. What ever happened to the sponsers link on ReefCentral.com??
  37. Thinking of getting new tank
  38. How many people did it take to move your tank?
  39. Anyone successful with Goniopora
  40. Calcium Reactor Survey
  41. Frag trade??
  42. Bulkhead drain/strainer combo or internal overflow box?
  43. Can we make a small ocean or large lake?
  44. Need help deciding which tank to purchase
  45. ok
  46. Cool shop
  47. Reasonable RBTA
  48. Life expectancy of MH ballast
  49. lets
  50. Logo Vote!
  51. forum features - view posts and mark as read
  52. How often do you change your R/O filter components????
  53. What size chiller to get?
  54. List of LFS in CV that do salt
  55. Like my aquascaping?
  56. How I feel about Local business vs. Online business.
  57. SpelChek - nifty!
  58. Link to CVR from other forums
  59. Forum on RC
  60. IRC - Chat
  61. PMs not going through
  62. can anyone move a tank from phoenix to here?
  63. Who had that tank moving video?
  64. Dream Specimen
  65. Need new external pump, opinons or suggestions appreciated
  66. anyone usin T5's?
  67. My website is up and running!
  68. Formally introducing... Who Dah?'s Enigmas!
  69. contengency tank
  70. WTBorrow: 250W ballast for Radium 20K bulbs
  71. Impressions of new Magnavore 2ER
  72. OT: neat web art
  73. Reefkeeping On-line Magazine Article - Water Parameters
  74. Custom canopies
  75. Excuses to tell the significant other to visit LFS!
  76. The next meeting.....
  77. Best place to get a CO2 tank?
  78. CVR and LFS, **not** CVR vs. LFS!
  79. any photographers in the house?
  80. Who hates featherdusters?
  81. Big in Japan
  82. OT: why you should never post your picture on the internet
  83. New FAQ: how does who dah? organize his gallery albums?
  84. WHere did you get your RO/DI?
  85. New name?
  86. please read
  87. hey i'm new come say hi
  88. OT: introducing... Meow Dah?
  89. More fish from Japan
  90. Plumbing Parts
  91. Aquarium in the Works
  92. First "i think i can save it" coral purchase
  93. OT (kinda) - canon digital camera owners
  94. Difference between the origins of Live Rock?
  95. Proposed CVR Governing Structure
  96. Proposed CVR Bylaws
  97. 4 Weeks is UPPPPPP!!!!!!
  98. Anyone up for a frag swap/coral propagation meeting?
  99. Thank You Weatherson!!!
  100. Banquet Room for next meeting (info)
  101. CVR Governing structure - Let your voice be heard!
  102. Possible CVR Name Change - Let your voice be heard!
  103. looks like xnet is down again
  104. New refractometers
  105. any nikon 4300 owners planning underwater trips?
  106. Cool Panoramic Photo Website
  107. "Conscientious Aquarist" A New Online Magazine By
  108. freshwater dipping zo's
  109. Lineatus Fairy Wrasse
  110. Is it possible to eat to much shellfish and tuna?
  111. This "Tank Tour" looks interesting
  112. CVR Governing structure - Time to vote!!!
  113. Possible CVR Name Change - Time to vote!
  114. For those of you with acrylic tanks.....
  115. New forum
  116. Has anyone found any places for the next meeting?
  117. weatherson's on a slippery slope...
  118. Worlds Largest Aquarium - Travel Channel
  119. MBA Behind the Scenes Tour?
  120. how many of you turn off lights in the house because....
  121. Bryopsis Control
  122. Who has seperate circuit breakers for their tanks?
  123. tank of the month last year in april
  124. new forum
  125. 270 in wall has begun
  126. Need Piscine Enernetics mysis shrimp
  127. topic split - voting
  128. new zoanthid ebay record
  129. cvreefers names my six-line
  130. Voting for the Prez
  131. SeaBay club...awesome!!!
  132. OT: interpretive art
  133. OT: w00t, i got reefmiester to say w00t!
  134. OT...Check this bike out!!
  135. BAR Frag Swap
  136. Who remebers when zooanthids were only known button polyps
  137. Reef Forums in general
  138. Option instead of DSB or bare bottom...
  139. Electrical Meter Results of Reef Equipment
  140. Water changes in a reef tank
  141. Recomendation of Paul at Oceans Motion
  142. 2nd tunze is here!
  143. Seattle reef fix
  144. Stained my wall unit...
  145. A few pics of my 50g
  146. Pics of oak wall unit stained...
  147. Tank for sale in GALT...NICE!!
  148. Bulk Cyclpose eez
  149. check out this guys tank.. tanks?.. tank? heh!
  150. suggestion? sorry may be in wrong forum whodah
  151. It's a boy! Or... Girl! Umm... A brand new clone!
  152. Tropical Paradise
  153. Anybody here a teacher
  154. New Tank Checklist
  155. Possible Frozen Food Group Buy?
  156. RO/DI flood last night... again...
  157. Police Auction Website
  158. Just waiting for the tank...aargh!!
  159. A couple of things...
  160. FIRE!!!
  161. mystery wrasse coming to town!
  162. Going to Montery Bay Aquarium tomarrow
  163. Books for a community library
  164. Hector (tacocat) is the man!
  165. My new frogspawn, thanks Hector.
  166. Things that you have regretted not doing
  167. As the Great Whodah would say...WOOT!!!! My tank is born.
  168. club event idea - professional digital photography demo?
  169. added 2nd tunze!
  170. whodah's Dream Tank?
  171. any digital SLR camera owners in the mix?
  172. Parisitic Snail for Clams
  173. Hawaii rocks on Ebay
  174. Ordering from Marine Depot
  175. MBA Behind the Scenes Tour?... Version 2.0
  176. Before and after pic fo Blasto's
  177. Acrylic tank for SW
  178. Solar power for your home
  179. Stage 2 Complete: Equipment Purchase
  180. CVR Flyer
  181. The ultimate fish room sink!
  182. suppose i were to move...
  183. Anyone ever actually been to Jeff's Exotic?
  184. How do you cure live rock??
  185. Going to Tropical Paradise this weekend
  186. Updated pics of my tank...should be shipped soon...! ;)
  187. southdown for sale on RC
  188. New Tank
  189. Bay Area Store Tour 2004
  190. TEST KITS
  191. OM Nano naming contest... ;)
  192. The Molas are coming!
  193. Cloudy tank
  194. digital SLR camera
  195. incredible mushroom shot
  196. digital SLR Camera visit photos (IMAGE INTENSE!!)
  197. Let's hear your hosting stories
  198. weatherson'inized d-slr pics
  199. Calcium and Alkalinity
  200. another one bites the dust!
  201. New stuff on the horizon
  202. contengency tank lives!
  203. We have a Great White!!
  204. Critters...How do you know if they are good or bad?
  205. new fish
  206. Bringing back a bleahed LPS???
  207. smaug's dream!
  208. Nice Website, Steve Weast's tank, enjoy
  209. Red Bugs
  210. Fish room
  211. the new halides are comin, the new halides are comin!
  212. Dixon Frag Swap - Saturday Oct 16th
  213. Hawaii
  214. G
  215. i count 24 fireshrimp legs! w00t!
  216. MBA behind the scenes feeding...version 3.0
  217. bakersfield lfs?
  218. Hola Amigos from Los Cabos!!!
  219. Interesting link on Ascencion Island
  220. Got the crap shocked out of me.
  221. 7600 gallon reef tank in Terrabella
  222. I was at Jeremy's tonight..........
  223. Potential Group Buy
  224. Back from Los Cabos...what a mess!!! ;(
  225. Town meeting
  226. Pictures from the swap
  227. Cool pic
  228. posting pics in the gallery
  229. Anyone going to LA?
  230. Oceans Motions 4-way
  231. Dr Macs...Nice site with lots of pics...
  232. TIME TO VOTE...Check it out!
  233. just left jamaica mon!
  234. Is this the new way to get rid of crabs?
  235. Caribsea A.R.M. Calcium Reactor Media Group Buy
  236. November 20th Frag Swap Requests
  237. aquatic agression?
  238. a few sea world pics! (image intense)
  239. clams direct store tour
  240. who says green star polyps are a weed???
  241. local phyto & rotifer culturers?
  242. Bulk carbon buy?
  243. starfish eating a starfish!
  244. x10 and future home automation standards
  245. Bay Area LFS....
  246. Frag Swap Procedures
  247. new tankmates!!
  248. Coraline algae question...?
  249. Updated pics of my 270
  250. Flatworm Exit works great!!