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My 1st sw tank

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So it all.started just before Christmas, my man asked me what I wanted my reply was simple:
Engagement ring! (or fish tank, but I was hoping for the ring) & since I'm posting this blog HERE & not some wedding planing site, u can guess what I got... my 1st tank! (I got my diamonds just not on my finger, ears this year) A tall 25 gallon setup... and that was my 1st taste of the water world! Once I got the hang of it I wanted more! LOL and more I got!
In March I received (free) a 120 gallon acrylic tank (sad day for me, it was too big for my tiny apt) so I traded someone my tank for his 75 gallon w/ stand! Oh happy day for me!
So March 29, my tank went up, added water, salt, 60lbs of live sand (thank u Craigslist), and started both filters (one hang on the back & my Eheim) and waited for the tank to clear up n not look like a Pond. Added my heater the next day. And waited and waited and waited and waited. Had water tested @ Whities a few times and finally I was good to go.
I went to PETCO (and will never go back! Rude kids) & got 2 damsels (they were pretty) I just wanted them so my tank would cycle, the fish didn't last long (2 weeks, Max). Tested water and all was good. Rumor has it that its OK that they kicked the bucket, moving on... I needed SOME kind of life in my makes tank so off to Petsmart I went... 2 Black mollies were my next venture! Yes I know they are fresh water fish, but u try telling that to them! LOL one died (and before I could remove his corps the snail that came in my ls ate him! As in gone! Nothing left!...creepy!)
So my one lone Molly has been chill in there for what seems like forever. So mothers day my man gave me (No, still no ring!) 5 lbs of rock! (Way better than a diamond ring in my book now, but don't tell him I said that). And the fun has been continuing... I've gotten some LR here n there & now have 2 critters!
And I have to add this in just because I'm so proud of myself... I'm in less than $200! I know those days are soon behind me as I get ready to buy my lighting (sigh) & all the fun n pretty things that I want!
Lights are my next big buy! I can't seem to get around paying out the Yin Yang for those things!
So its off to sell the kids for my lighting!
Check out the pic... pretty bad ass light setup I Have huh?
Does anyone ever read these things?
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  1. dmorazan's Avatar
    well, the onlty thing i can say is that I love the light, very cool,it goes with the tank and stand.