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Stoker Administrator   01-01-1970 9,301 N/A Stoker's Avatar  .  Stoker   Tolbert 
Nuocmam CVR Board Member Sponsor Relations   11-23-2008 7,866 N/A Nuocmam's Avatar  Merced Bug KillerJohn  NoobCGoodman 
Sherman Full Colony Member Visit Sherman's homepage! 05-09-2004 7,652 04-12-2014 11:33 PM Sherman's Avatar  Kingsburg Communications TechJasonThey've all Moved On Since summer 2004 Sherman
whodah CVR Webmaster / Director Emeritus Visit whodah's homepage! 02-02-2004 7,143 12-06-2020 10:06 PM whodah's Avatar  clovis, ca, usa, earth!Reefs, Technology, TheaterComputer GuyJeremyCouple o' frag tanks.Mostly 14K Phoenix w/ T5 supplements.Since ~2003I am the Co-founder of CVR :Dwhodah
wonrib00 Full Colony Member   08-06-2004 6,108 11-12-2019 05:38 PM wonrib00's Avatar  Salinas, CAReefs, hockey, airsoftRNNathan46X22X29 120 mixed reefLEDs and 3X39W T5since skimmers used only airpumps and wooden airstonesWeathersonwonrib00
DML08 CVR Moderator   01-12-2008 5,052 05-14-2017 08:50 AM DML08's Avatar  los banos  DOMINIC48x30x18tall LeeMar8x54w T5Rookie.pets inc.DML08
Saulsa CVR Communications Officer   09-18-2006 3,723 11-10-2017 01:08 PM Saulsa's Avatar  FresnoFish and computersFirst Health Medical CenterMatt80g Since Oct. of 2005Kavon- WhitiesSaulsa
tacocat Full Colony Member   03-22-2004 3,445 11-12-2019 09:32 AM tacocat's Avatar  Cell Block 4  whogo    tacocat
mdt178 Full Colony Member   12-07-2004 3,052 11-11-2020 10:26 AM    fresno ITMinh    mdt178
mclevenger10 CVR ADMIN   08-30-2012 3,044 04-23-2019 07:25 PM mclevenger10's Avatar  Fresno, CA Teacher of the Mathematics!Marty140 gallon reefDIY LED's1 day  
Squidhead Director Emeritus   05-12-2007 2,930 05-24-2018 11:43 AM Squidhead's Avatar  fresno The Voice of ReasonPeter140 Gallon Zero EdgeThree 100 watt LED UnitsTwo Years Squidhead
MoparAce Full Colony Member   04-06-2010 2,718 09-18-2020 02:28 AM MoparAce's Avatar  P-Town That one Insurance GuyTonyIt's There HuH  
FishyBusiness Full Colony Member   05-18-2005 2,717 05-26-2020 10:39 AM FishyBusiness's Avatar  ClovisEverything, name it and I'd do it.Flight NurseDavidNone 14 yearsreefmisterFishyBusiness
triggerman Full Colony Member   12-01-2004 2,589 05-22-2011 01:35 PM triggerman's Avatar  hanford retail mangrgreg90g braceless(36x24x24) 15g qt/proppfo dual 250w with l3 mini's and hamilton 10k's actinic sup 4x39w t5's on ic66012 years off and on triggerman
hdben Full Colony Member   07-04-2006 2,536 03-29-2020 02:58 PM hdben's Avatar  visaliafish, harleys, rockets, carsWarehouse stuff, shipping ...watching???benAquapod 12 gallon1ea dual actinic PC and 1ea Dual daylight PCNot long enoughUltimate Aquariumhdben
Oats Full Colony Member   04-17-2009 2,317 02-14-2014 11:01 PM    Nation's Christmas Tree CityTropical Roaches, Geckos, FrogsLookingBrentRenting Space at Rocky's PlaceWhatever Rocky has   
wesleyforbes Full Colony Member   06-13-2007 2,179 10-19-2019 04:23 PM wesleyforbes's Avatar  Dinuba, CA Hanford West High School CounselorWesley90 gallon mixed reef, 18 gallon nanoKessil A360WE (x2), Kessil A360WAwhile!Three Seaswesleyforbes
BoomerD Full Colony Member   03-23-2004 2,163 10-21-2013 08:08 PM BoomerD's Avatar I've been in the hobby since before fish were inventedMo-TownliferetiredBoomertanklessdim350,000 yearsWhoday 
Smaug Full Colony Member Visit Smaug's homepage! 02-01-2004 2,026 11-06-2017 07:54 PM    FresnoAnimals or electronics, depending on my moodCommunications techRichardNone. I'm a lamerNo tank. No lights.I liked itCo-FounderSmaug
xlayedoutx Full Colony Member   03-27-2006 2,003 02-07-2020 11:21 PM    ClovisAll sports and ReefsSalesCody40G BreederMaxspect Razor LEDSince 2006ReefCentralxlayedoutx
Pickle CVR Super Sponsor   03-14-2008 1,869 02-10-2020 10:19 PM Pickle's Avatar Southern California transplant now living in the Central ValleyTerra Bella, CASalt Water and RC PlanesSelf EmployedMikePushing 750g's Now!T5 / LED / MH20 YearsGooglePickle
egos4life Full Colony Member   07-25-2009 1,863 10-04-2016 01:23 PM   just a man with a missionearlimartphotography, cars, slowpitch softBUMAJ100 gallon starphire 48x24x20DIY Cree Led set upJan 2009 what was i thinkingFierceseaman 
masterkush Full Colony Member   02-08-2005 1,810 09-08-2016 02:34 PM    fresnoHydroponics, palmtrees, bananatrees, Muay Thai and reptileselectronics techkevinMix reef in a costem 75, 400w Radium with lumamax, Euroreef RC135, Aquaeuro reactor20k Radiums8 yearsScot 
Anthony Full Colony Member   01-10-2006 1,794 06-02-2011 03:24 PM Anthony's Avatar  manteca Professional commodities expediterAnthonyNo Tanks! :-( 3 yearreefcentralAnthony
thatguy559 Full Colony Member Visit thatguy559's homepage! 08-08-2008 1,753 05-16-2019 07:57 AM   im that guy in the navyoak harbor, washingtoni love working on carsaviation electronics technicianjustin5'x3'x2' 45g overflow 120g sump 40gb refugiumplasma 48" royal blue leds x24some guy i ran into at petsmart. i think he said his name was andrewthatguy559
cgoodman381 CVR Moderator   04-16-2008 1,744 03-21-2012 12:15 PM cgoodman381's Avatar  Merced  Chad     
ClintonJ Full Colony Member   07-16-2006 1,742 03-04-2020 03:45 PM ClintonJ's Avatar Husband, father.Visalia Repo manClinton70 gallon 48x24x14 pending... Since 2000ishThe Ultimate AquariumClintonJ
Qsuerte CVR Moderator   05-06-2010 1,733 10-04-2016 04:45 PM Qsuerte's Avatar married, 3 kidsMaderaThe American DreamBabySitterRay130 galEvolution LEDsnewbRon in Rosedale 
Lacktaters CVR Moderator   04-15-2012 1,694 10-15-2019 08:30 PM Lacktaters's Avatar  BakersfieldBackpacking, Fly FishingMath TeacherJoey90g Mixed Reef8x54w T5   
alexander CVR Vice President   08-04-2010 1,663 02-01-2018 09:37 AM    FresnoReef tanks, cars, golfTechnical Sales EngineerAlexander112G Display, 55G Fuge, 30G sump4x80w ati sunpower5 yearsblkwagon 
Reefmiester Full Colony Member   02-02-2004 1,562 02-22-2013 03:20 PM Reefmiester's Avatar  Central Coast, CA  Randy    Reefmiester
Stev-O Full Colony Member   06-14-2005 1,526 04-07-2009 06:38 PM Stev-O's Avatar Slave to the healthcare systemBakersfieldReefing and fishingTurn to the left....and cough....!!!!Steven90G 3'x2'x2' glass Single corner overflow with 20G acrylic growout and 15G sump400W SE 14K Hamilton on Reeflux ballast with Luminarc III reflectoroff and on since 1994Keith and Chris at WhitiesStev-O
erniethisle Full Colony Member   07-22-2007 1,503 N/A erniethisle's Avatar love, live, life!!!fresno, c.aFishing, Working On Car's, Outdoors, My Reef Tank911.....?Mr. Thisle  What's that?My buddy Moseserniethisle
TheGovernor[559] Full Colony Member   03-24-2008 1,480 06-12-2017 05:43 PM TheGovernor[559]'s Avatar GangstAvisalia electrician and welder/fabricatorCarl75g Left corner overflow, Mixed reef2-250w phoenix 14k on M80 Ballast in CaymanSun DE Reflectors...Woop!about 1000000 dollarsfriends/ultimate aquarium 
senorpyro Full Colony Member   03-21-2004 1,411 02-18-2020 11:27 AM senorpyro's Avatar  Kingsburg  ScottRed Sea Reefer 750  Searching ReefCentralsenorpyro
thinkclear_9 Full Colony Member   07-27-2010 1,374 01-30-2020 06:59 PM   Josh is an Academy Award-nominated American actor. He is one of the most famous movie actors in the world and is a popular icon in the media worldwide.Everywheresaltwater and aaaa hmm o saltwater fish !! and coral ya coralHazmat project managerJosh140 display tank and a 40 breeder for frags and a 20 long for live food :}LED & T5nopegoogle 
tj4x4fun South Valley Representative & Moderator   04-18-2009 1,363 10-08-2019 01:19 PM    VisaliaReef Tanks and Jeeps Eric150 gal mixed reef, drilled.800 watts of 20k MH Lighting and 2 ReefbritesNever enough!Ultimate Aquarium 
Tcook Full Colony Member   10-05-2004 1,363 06-25-2020 09:14 PM Tcook's Avatar  Visalia, CA  TomOceanic 120RR In-WallKessil A360We x 4 Reef CentralTcook
archaic37 CVR President   10-21-2012 1,337 10-15-2018 10:38 PM archaic37's Avatar Mechanical Engineer MajorMerced Construction Admin.Kevin40BDIY full spectrum LED's2 years  
josegomez324 Full Colony Member   04-17-2012 1,314 01-30-2020 03:29 PM josegomez324's Avatar Any knowledge is good knowledgeFowlerGaining KnowledgeDMVJose60 Gallon Mix Reef4 Bulb T5 Fixture9 MonthsRocky 
5150REEFER Full Colony Member   04-11-2006 1,281 07-30-2020 12:59 PM 5150REEFER's Avatar  BAKERSFIELD .CAFISHING & REEFINGOil and gas Construction SuperintendentLOUIE150g mixed reef and a 45 frag tank.AI VegasOFF AND ON SINCE 2000LESSTHANJAKE5150REEFER
Sandbed Full Colony Member   12-03-2005 1,277 11-06-2015 08:28 PM    ClovisMuscle Cars, Sports, Aquariums, Building stuff DOUG200 Gal Pain in the BUTT! No thank you! Sandbed
plomanto Full Colony Member   12-27-2004 1,260 04-07-2020 03:56 AM    Diablo GrandeWoodworking,golfEquipment developer for Cal-Sun Equipment CoPeter     
Donkeykong Full Colony Member   02-02-2004 1,254 01-04-2016 01:07 PM Donkeykong's Avatar  Arroyo GrandeFish and every other hobby that cost to muchNetwork AdministratorSelestino Castillo (Sal)40 gallon mixed reefMaxspect Razor R420R+10 years Donkeykong
Tmoriarty Full Colony Member   07-31-2011 1,154 06-03-2015 10:01 PM    Visalia, California Navy ContractorTyler   Reefcentral 
chem1586 Full Colony Member   07-20-2004 1,153 06-17-2020 11:17 AM chem1586's Avatar  Fresno, CAPhotography, Woodworking, ReefingTeacher: Middle School TechnologyChris50G cube+20G sump120W Reefbreeders LEDSince Jan 04Aquatic Aggressionschem1586
Jetstream01 Activities and Events Officer   11-24-2010 1,135 06-04-2019 01:05 PM    Madera, CAMotorcycling, Video Games, Fish tanks of course!6th Grade TeacherPatrickNone at the moment. 40 breeder mixed reef, 135 SPS Dominated Mixed ReefBilly at Whitie's 
mike Full Colony Member   02-17-2005 1,075 08-30-2010 05:33 PM mike's Avatar  ClovisSPS, zoa's, geckos Mike180 + 100 fuge 8 years SW, 16 years FW  
bruce Full Colony Member   05-03-2007 1,064 08-01-2017 11:40 AM bruce's Avatar  visalia,caDrag racing quads, my truck and girls!!!Underpaid droneBruceOver cramped little glass box!Cheap compact flouresent5 years bruce
Saltybob Full Colony Member   02-16-2004 1,048 01-09-2018 06:40 PM Saltybob's Avatar I am what I am.Porterville  Bob50 Cadlights, Custom sump, SWC 160, 2 x MP10150 MH, 2 x T5QuestionableWhoda I thinkSaltybob
dmorazan Full Colony Member   05-28-2009 1,045 06-18-2016 01:52 PM    Fresno ElectricianDouglas300g sps/lps160 LED's B,W, R, G and Violet and 8 t5's7 yearswhities 
George CVR Vice President   05-11-2010 1,009 11-09-2019 12:23 AM   Easy GoingAtwaterReefs, guitarsI sell the American Dream! Real Estate AgentJorge210 setup with a 75 gallon sump2 evosclose to a yearQsuerte 
B16Drag Branching Member   02-13-2007 989 09-19-2011 11:14 PM B16Drag's Avatar  California  B16Drag    B16Drag
suziemypuma Branching Member   11-07-2005 988 08-08-2014 12:50 AM suziemypuma's Avatar  Fresno studentSammy55 gal260wat PC & moon ligthsRookieFishyBusiness 
tolbert Branching Member   03-05-2005 988 02-18-2017 07:15 PM tolbert's Avatar  Kingsburgwoodworking, photography, and salt tanksCity of Fresno EmployeeJD25 ReefLEDsNot long enoughMember of Fareclubtolbert
mothra Branching Member Visit mothra's homepage! 05-24-2004 966 03-31-2010 05:07 PM mothra's Avatar  Stockton  mothra360g Reef   mothra
baadboy Branching Member   04-19-2013 961 10-28-2020 05:47 PM baadboy's Avatar  tularefish tanks and woodworkingi make the box ur Casket gos in after ur wife kill uandy75 mixed 40 br 40 longt5 / ledssalt on and off for 3 year freshwater 15yearsAnimal House Pet Shop 
fishgeek31 Branching Member   11-11-2006 959 12-28-2017 03:09 PM fishgeek31's Avatar  riverbankdaddy, reefingResidential HvacAbeIn recoveryBurnt Out2001Windupdevl 
TimB Branching Member   10-04-2004 931 06-25-2007 06:27 PM TimB's Avatar  North West FresnoReefing, DIY'n, Woodworking, Bonsai, 1977 Corvette and Family.Staff Development Supervisor, Fresno CountyTim180 gal. in wall.3 150w HQI 14K Hamilton's and 8 T5's3 yearsReef CentralTimB
cisco CVR Membership Officer   03-06-2012 925 11-01-2019 05:05 AM cisco's Avatar  Caruthersmy fish tankac installer (mr. cool)francisco100 gallon fish some soft coraldyi 6 54w t5- ati bulbs3yearsthree seas 
BammBamm Branching Member Visit BammBamm's homepage! 01-16-2005 893 03-16-2015 11:17 AM BammBamm's Avatar  Sacramento, Nor*CalDirtbikes, Dirtbikes, Dirtbikes, Soon to be obsessed with reefs again thoughRace Car Chassis Fabricator in TrainingDan180 barebottom SPS dominant Reef, 60g sump, euroreef, 2x250w 20ks, 2x96w actinics, etc etc etc20k xmsaltwater Since 2000, freshwater since 1977Pedro aka HectorBammBamm
ReeferGirl Branching Member   09-30-2008 866 07-12-2014 07:34 PM ReeferGirl's Avatar I have always loved fish keeping. I really love all animals and I grow orchids in my greenhouse.VisaliaSaltwater Aquariums, Orchids Jodi65 gal. Sea Clear w/ live rock and live sand.T5HONot long enough.CVR business card at Three SeasReeferGirl
Scatty25 Branching Member   01-09-2007 840 07-12-2016 01:00 PM Scatty25's Avatar  Modesto Full time Student and FatherScott  10+ yearsTerry at Pet Barn in ModestoScatty25
AK's Clownfish CVR Super Sponsor AK'S CLOWNFISH   03-16-2013 831 07-09-2016 11:35 AM    Clovis/fresno  JeremyA darn 40beBay LEDs 120w4+WrongGenotype 
jshmehr Branching Member   09-10-2005 828 07-15-2008 12:43 AM    Fresno, CA ElectricianJosh210g;60g Sump;60g fuge;Euroreef Skimr;Ozone;MTC CR Pro;Neptune ACII;WavemasterPro->4 Sieo 820s3-250W 15K SE MH, 4-52W T5 HO Actinic-033 yearsReef Central & Minh 
reefermadness73 Branching Member   09-21-2012 822 05-24-2017 09:40 AM reefermadness73's Avatar  Fresno  Mike     
gsx-rben Branching Member   02-18-2008 802 05-06-2017 07:26 PM    Atsugi JP.  BenN/AN/A5 years  
MrWizard Branching Member   01-01-1970 788 N/A             
kewwlkat123 Branching Member   08-30-2005 788 N/A kewwlkat123's Avatar  Bakersfield, CA I.T.Tyson110G mixed, 20G sump, Sequence Snapper, Aqua-C 180, AQII, 1/3HP JBJ Arctica, for now...2 - 250w SE Radium 20K, 2 - 110w VHO Super ActinicSince ~2005Stev-Okewwlkat123
reefpinoy Branching Member   08-23-2008 785 07-31-2017 05:01 PM    clovis mriRonaldrimless 112 gal all glass 48x30x18Tao Tronic (2) 120w + (2) 54w ATI t5SINCE 2008websitereefpinoy
oildalemonkey Branching Member   04-21-2010 766 01-04-2015 01:47 PM    Shafter, CA Laboratory AnalystCraig25g Mixed Reef enough  
chowtownReefer Branching Member   10-31-2007 747 04-15-2017 12:44 PM chowtownReefer's Avatar  Hanford/ChowchillaCoral and FootballCorrectional OfficerjoeyFresh right now, was 210 gal reef 8 yearsDavid 
tonyman Branching Member   02-21-2008 737 03-23-2011 08:32 PM tonyman's Avatar just another reefervisaliaComputers, Games, Aquarium, Hunting, FishingComputer Network & Repairtony90 Gal w/ hob overflow and still upgrading - mixed coralsCurrent USA 2x250MH 4x54T51+ yr tonyman
jeremys Branching Member   06-14-2008 731 01-06-2019 09:18 PM   married with childrenmodestogrowing corals, 1/24 scale slot cars, camping with family, dirtbikes, snowboardingLocksmith, Safe crackerjeremy180g, mixed reef, 40g sump2 250w MH9 yearsfishgeek31jeremys
khuzhong Branching Member   04-14-2004 725 10-27-2009 10:31 PM khuzhong's Avatar  Visalia Retail Mgmt"Coooooooo"    khuzhong
Richard King Branching Member   09-09-2007 716 11-05-2018 07:38 AM   Came from a farming family outside Exeter, CA. Lived in Fresno since 1975.FresnoHigh Power Rocketry, Reef keeping, Wine collecting/cookingPrivate practice Clinical PsychologistRichard150 gallon glass, running 16 years. Variety of corals, big anemone for the clowns, usual fish.Six 80 watt T-5 overdrivenStarted 55 gallon hex at the office 17 years ago and the 150 a year later for the home.CVR was part of a search regarding the Kold steril systemRichard King
chris Branching Member   02-25-2005 695 03-02-2012 09:14 PM chris's Avatar psychopathic, mass murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathygotham archenemyjoseph "joe" kerr     
Fish454 Branching Member   07-28-2004 627 03-12-2006 08:55 PM Fish454's Avatar  Hanford, CAComputer Programming, Reefs, Trout Fishing, PhotographySoftware EngineerJohn125g Reef Tank, 55g Reef Tank, 20g Tank about 3 yearsReef CentralFish454
kyles Branching Member   02-16-2004 622 06-09-2015 09:02 AM    FresnoReef Tanks....GIS AnalystKyle90 gal mixed reef(6) T5's 324WSince 1995 kyles
Reef,Planted & pond o my Branching Member   02-02-2012 620 09-29-2012 01:38 AM Reef,Planted & pond o my's Avatar  Visalia , CAReefing and raISing my kids.HomemakerChad90g reef tank, 30g sump, 1500g pond1 ecotech radion 2 150w kessil Ledsfirst reef tank started in 2010thinkclear_9 
Suohhen Branching Member   10-10-2006 619 03-24-2011 07:15 PM Suohhen's Avatar I am a SJSU graduate currently training to be a professional pilotTracyReefing, skiing, scuba, and RC planes.Forklift Operator and Student PilotSean100 Gal Mixed Reef4x 24" t5 HO + 2x 250W Metal Halide6 yearsgoogleSuohhen
M_smith2813 Branching Member   09-01-2012 578 12-18-2017 11:28 AM   I've been in this hobby just about a year now. Even though it's challenging, I'm glad I started. Seeing the progress and the amazing colors is definitely rewarding.Bakersfield Big oilMatt150g mostly sps6x80w t5 w/ ati bulbs1 year nowBakersfield aquatic pets 
Reef Rookie Branching Member   01-30-2008 560 10-27-2009 04:22 PM Reef Rookie's Avatar  Hanford College Student (Physical Therapy)Andrew90G reef with Aqua Euro RC 125 SkimmerIwasaki 15000K 2x175W MH actinic 3x110W VHO1 year and counting....  
gingin12 Branching Member   09-28-2009 551 11-12-2010 07:27 PM gingin12's Avatar  los banos tile / wood flooringchris135 3x150wat MH 20k 350 lbs of rock and lots of voids for coral 2yrs++  
cpllongjk Branching Member   10-23-2008 547 04-23-2020 10:25 PM    Modesto Middle School Science TeacherJaredRed Sea Reefer 1706 bulb ATI SunpowerA whileThree Seas 
Edd Branching Member   07-23-2006 545 08-20-2008 11:33 PM Edd's Avatar "Hi, My name is Ed... and I'm a Reef Addict"Los BanosReef, Warhammer, Computers, Math Edward92gal corner bow6x39 36" T5 HOjust over a yearbigredEdd
Dvaccari70 Branching Member   01-07-2013 538 08-29-2018 07:53 PM    Fresno  Daniel135g reef72" green element quad Evo led14 monthsChance 
jtravis2 Branching Member   02-07-2007 536 03-08-2019 10:18 AM   Born and Raised in Fresno; why else would I come back!Fresnofishing (trout), golf, and reef aquariums, and my BMWretiredJim   Reef Central on linejtravis2
fourzero Branching Member   10-21-2007 531 09-26-2018 12:25 PM    Bakersfield, CA PetrochemicalJohnyesKessil A350W x 2Since 2002Jeremy 
natedogg Branching Member   03-28-2011 514 09-14-2020 09:44 AM natedogg's Avatar  FresnoExercise, Golf, Sailing, ReefingCommercial Real Estate BrokerNathan  Since 2004  
Drew Branching Member   01-27-2006 514 04-25-2008 07:50 AM Drew's Avatar  atwater  Gerad55 gal cub.vho no laghingtank stated on the 1-31-06  
Techno-Vicki Sponsor- Reef Magic Visit Techno-Vicki's homepage! 07-18-2005 511 08-19-2017 02:34 PM Techno-Vicki's Avatar Paradise on the riverSangervideo editing, gardening & reef tanksEducation: Curriculum CoachVicki125 reef, 90 fish only, 24 reef, 75 prop400 w 20K LED's 72"Since Nov. 2004internet 
AndrewReefer Branching Member   07-13-2006 508 04-15-2018 05:20 PM AndrewReefer's Avatar  VIsalia Ca Ultimateandrew95 wave plumbed to 30 gal sump. Tunze 6045 powerheads. Keepin it real48" 2x250 wt 14k iwasakis with 96wt pcnot as long as youultimate aquarium 
Soronus Branching Member   03-10-2011 506 04-15-2019 10:40 PM    VisaliaMotorcross, GolfBusiness ConsultantSteven137GRadion X307 YearsUltimate 
RiOnRoxXx Branching Member   12-02-2009 499 12-26-2016 06:08 PM RiOnRoxXx's Avatar  Manteca, Ca  Ryan  A while  
fishgeeks Branching Member   08-16-2010 489 09-13-2018 02:38 PM    Fresno  JesseElos 160XLSfiligoi Stealth   
chuck Branching Member   01-19-2012 484 12-04-2018 09:30 AM    Fresno, CaFish!! Humberto120 Gallon Fish with Live RockKessil A150W1yrGoogle 
chris-miranda Branching Member Visit chris-miranda's homepage! 03-11-2005 480 12-18-2020 12:53 PM chris-miranda's Avatar  clovis californiareefing.... chris    chris-miranda
superpfa Branching Member   05-10-2010 473 08-18-2019 10:00 PM superpfa's Avatar  Madera PRIMERICA RVPBrent180 bow3- T5 80WATT/ LED EVO KNOCK OFFsalt water 9yrs / reef 2yrsQsuerte 
hummu hummu glenn Branching Member   08-08-2012 469 01-15-2017 01:11 AM   new to reefing as of 2012fresnoanything with saltwater and miami dolphin football dont laugh.i am also a certified scuba divervagabond, ramblerglenn135 gallons 110lbs lr 65 lbs of sand60 inch 80wattx4 retrofit into canopy6 months or sorocky 
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