CVR Forums! Rules

Rule changes! Please remember - it is YOUR responsibility to keep abreast on the rules!

Here are the official CVR rules as of 2006.04.05

  • Non-Vendor forums: any forum on CVR that is not prefixed with the word 'Vendor'.
  • Generic-Vendors forum: the forum called "Vendors" and not specific to any one Vendor
  • Vendor-Specific forum: a forum dedicated to a specific vendor, prefixed with the word 'Vendor'. For example: 'Vendors - CVR Propagations, Inc.' (available upon request, see the rules for more information)
  • LFS: Local Fish Store referring to both Brick & Morter and Internet stores relating to the hobby.
CVR Rules
  1. No Pornographic Material is allowed on Central Valley Reefers (CVR). Any sexually oriented imagery or links to such content will not be tolerated.
  2. Cursing or Swearwords. The use of profanity shall be kept to a minimum and prohibited when done so in a derogatory and/or inflammatory manner. Please keep in mind that this is an open internet site where proper etiquette is the standard to abide by.
  3. No Attacks / Retaliation of any kind against a member, or group of members (including slander). Any attack or retaliation, provoked or not, is absolutely not tolerated in either public or private posts. No post(s) of a slanderous nature is allowed on any forum. For example, the posting of negative and/or false statement(s) with no purpose other than the intent of harm.
  4. If you are a long-standing member, please act like one. Lead by example and assist other newer members rather than attacking them. We look upon our veteran members to use this opportunity to teach the newer members the appropriate message board usage and etiquette.
  5. No Avatar & Custom Title Abuse. These are a luxury and abuse of them will result in them being lost.
  6. No spamming. Spamming is characterized by the initiation of threads or posts that contribute nothing to a forum, be it off topic or on topic. Examples include: empty post bodies, post bodies with few words that have no relation to the current thread or discussion and those posts that state they are spam, either to annoy or increase a member's post count. This determination is made by the forum Moderator or Administrator and is not up for discussion.
  7. All posts are owned by its author. By posting or providing content to this board, you grant CVR permission to use, copy, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, reproduce, edit, modify, translate and reformat your content. Opinions expressed on CVR do not necessarily represent the views of the CVR Club, its governing body or any of the members.
  8. Posts made by Vendors relating to any type of sale of merchandise/services or marketing, whether personal or business related, are allowed in that vendor's specific vendor forum only. In the event a vendor does not have a Vendor-Specific forum, please see the next rule. No Vendor posts are allowed in public forums containing any information pertaining to sales transactions, services or marketing in any form. This would include statements as simple as "Come by my store", "Check my website" or "I have those". This is in place in an attempt to prevent any potential pricing wars and defeating the intended purpose of segregated Vendor and Public forums. Any exchanged information that falls under the above-mentioned guidelines must be handled through the use of Private Messages (PM) anywhere other than within the specific Vendor's forum. In addition, this use of the PM system must not be abused.
  9. Vendors may post in the Generic-Vendors forum but may not reply to another post in the Generic-Vendors forum not originated by said Vendor. As an example: CVRmember-1 posts that they would like to purchase a fish. No vendor is allowed to reply to said post even if it is in the Generic-Vendors forum. This is in place in an attempt to prevent any potential pricing wars between Vendors. However, if CVRmember-1 posts inside of the Vendors-specific forum, then the vendor that that forum belongs to may reply to said post. No other vendor may reply to said post whether the post be good or bad (see following rule). When in doubt, do not post! Seek the help of a moderator/admin first. Better to ask then post rather then posting only to have it edited or deleted by a moderator. Lastly, we'd like to again remind you that there is the PM system that you may use to contact Vendors or Members directly, but spamming is strictly prohibited.
  10. Vendors are not allowed to make any comment regarding other Vendors. In order to eliminate flaming and/or slander, no reply/comment/suggestion, good or bad, shall be allowed on the CVR site directed from one Vendor toward any other. This even includes posts complimentary in nature in order to prevent any type of misinterpretation of said post. In addition, the use of PM or emails sent to club members with references to other Vendors is strictly prohibited. There are no exceptions to this rule and violators will be dealt with swiftly with warning and may include the loss of Vendor privileges such as a Vendor forum and/or the loss of the Vendor's CVR site account. When Vendors make purchases or participate in any other form of a transaction with other Vendors, no publicly available reply/comment/suggestions are allowed in any form, what so ever. As a Vendor, should you feel you are not able to comply with this rule pertaining to inter-vendor transactions, simply DO NOT PARTICIPATE in the transaction or keep all communications between yourself and the other Vendor private via PM or email. Again, there are no exceptions to this rule and violators will dealt with swiftly and in a manner that befits the violation to be determined by the Moderators and/or the Governing Body.
  11. Obtaining a Vendor-Specific Forum. Vendor-Specific forums are available to our official CVR sponsors. The Vendor-Specific Forum must be requested by the Sponsor owner. Approved representatives of said Sponsor owner will be granted access to post in their Vendor-Specific forum. An account will be created for the sponsor which will be locked down to their Vendor-Specific Forum. The Sponsor owner must be willing to accept that whatever they or their representatives post in their Vendor-Specific forum is a direct reflection of that Sponsor. As such, should violations occur by the Sponsor owner or its pre-approved representatives, action will be taken toward the Sponsor's Vendor-Specific forum including but not limited to the removal of said forum. The Sponsor and/or their employees are more than welcome, and even encouraged, to create personal accounts in which they are able to use to full advantage of the CVR site but must still adhere to the other Vendor-Specific rules. (i.e. even a personal account of an employee at the vendor "Fish n' More" may not comment on another vendor (good or bad) in any other post/forum on CVR. In addition, these vendor/sponsor associate member owned personal accounts are no different than any other non-vendor/sponsor accounts in regards to annual dues and guidelines, yet vendor-specific rules shall apply. Please be sure to visit our Sponsors page for more information on becoming a CVR sponsor!
  12. Remember: this is "the Internet". Anything you post is in the public domain and may be viewed both immediately and in the future. As such, it is prohibited to publish any personal information of any other member on the forum such as phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc. It is also advised to seriously consider not posting your own information on this forum or any other medium of this nature.
  13. CVR reserves the right to change or alter these rules at any time without any notification. It is the poster's responsibility to stay up to date with these rules. Please note that an Administrator's word is final. By posting any information anywhere on the CVR site and/or CVR affiliated site(s), you agree to these terms.
  14. CVR provides this Web Site on an "AS IS" basis, without warranty of any kind. CVR does not represent or warrant that:
    1. the CVR Web Site, Information and/or any kind of other services and materials will be available and will meet your needs, requirements and/or expectations
    2. that the CVR Web Site and the Information are precise, complete, faultless and/or error-free
    3. that the access to CVR Web Site will be uninterrupted
    4. that there will be no delays, failures, damage, errors or omissions or loss of transmitted information and/or of any kind of other material obtained, directly or indirectly, through the use of CVR Web Site
    5. that no viruses, errors or other contaminating, deleterious or destructive factors, destructive and/or harmful properties will be transmitted
    6. that no unauthorized access, damage and/or alteration and/or loss will occur to your computer system and/or computer and/or data and/or other equipment
    7. CVR expressly disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.
  15. CVR believes all information/quotations/pictures/text/etc. to be of the work of the original author and/or available in the public domain. If at any time any material used on CVR is or is thought to be in violation of any copyright/NDA/etc., said information will be immediately removed upon request.
CVR Community Warning System

We have implemented a warning system that tracks any rule violations that you incur. Please note that we do not allow for appeals on warnings. We have brief definitions of the warnings listed below. The first violation results in a warning. The second in a one month moderation period where all posts made will first have to be approved by a moderator (note that this will delay one's posts by an undefined amount of time). The third in an account suspension of one week. The fourth results in the violator's account termination.
  1. Swearing: A member who uses excessive profanity or the use of profanity in a derogatory and/or inflammatory manner, will receive a warning.
  2. Avatar / Signature Abuse: Please note that we do not allow avatars or signatures of sexual content, racist remarks, or inflammatory text.
  3. Insubordination: Please note that the above rules cannot cover every topic that might present itself. If a forum official informs you to stop doing something, we ask that you comply. This also covers ignoring additional rules outlined in an Attention thread stuck to the top of the forum.
  4. Spamming: Please note that a definition of spamming is hard to pin down and we leave this up to forum officials on a case-by-case basis. For general purposes, it is any post that does not add any worth to the forum. An example could be an obnoxious post.
  5. Trolling: Any series of posts from a user who is set on causing conflict or provoking other users. Again, this is monitored on a case-by-case basis.
  6. Private Messaging Abuse: This includes but is not limited to threatening, spamming, or otherwise offensive use of our PM system. Remember, you may send a PM to someone believing that they will keep it private but this may not always be the case. Also, remember that although a PM is not intended for a Moderator/Administrator's eyes, they can in fact see them through the administrative panel.
  7. Flaming: Excessive aggression to other forum users.
  8. Racist/Sexist Remarks: Offensive comments towards another or the same race or sex. A lesser offensive post might also receive this violation.
  9. Offensive Material: Any sexually oriented imagery or links to such content will not be tolerated.
  10. Misc. Instant Ban By Admin: This is listed for our staff as a form of Instant Banning for any content that would deem immediate action but does not have a specific topic. This is at an admin /moderator's discretion and can be for any reason above and beyond those outlined above or below.
  11. Attacks / Retaliation / Slander: Either of these in either public or private postings will result in, but not limited to a warning. Please remember that administrators do have access to all private posts to verify if necessary!
  12. Vendor posts in violation of Vendor rules: Vendor rules are in place to keep in check that what would otherwise diminish the good nature of the CVR club and this site. As some of the Vendor rules may be difficult to interpret, Vendors will be allowed one warning for violation of Vendor rules. A second violation of Vendor rules will constitute an official violation leading to further action up to and including possible termination of membership.
We encourage you to read our mission statement for a better understanding of what CVR is all about. In addition, we'd like to add that these rules are in place to protect CVR from the minority who attempt to thwart the good nature of this club. So, for the majority, your actions will not be curtailed. Thank you for your cooperation and adherence. They are greatly appreciated.