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Thread: A+for aqua sd

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    A+for aqua sd

    WILL and his crew at AquaSD are great people to deal with very prompt and professional.UPS mis shipped my coral and Will made me feel re assured that all was good and that I would be taken care of. Aqua SD we need more vendors like you A+++++ customer care..... thanks guys you

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    I love to hear when our sponsors do things like this! I have always liked asd and this is just a prime example of why they are such a great super sponsor to Cvr!
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    I am down here right now. Picked my stuff up from them. Great little store. My only concern with them is their packaging of Euphyllia. I purchased a three head golden torch, the bag was a little bigger than the coral. I get to the hotel room, and a few of the polyps have been smushed off and are in the bottom of the bag. Not sure why they didn't use a larger bag and zip tie it upside down to a piece of styrofoam. Granted, it's only a $200 piece. If you get anything delicate, make sure you think it all through and make requests.

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