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Thread: CVR 2018 Spring/Summer Open Frag Swap

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    CVR 2018 Spring/Summer Open Frag Swap


    April 28, 2018 (Saturday)
    Check in: 1 PM
    Start: 2 PM


    Petco (Blackstone/Ashlan)
    4144 N Blackstone Ave
    Fresno, CA 93726

    Registration Fees:
    This swap is open to everyone, club member or not. Come on out!
    Participation Fee:
    $10 Pre-Registration
    $15 At the Door for non-club members
    $10 At the Door for CVR, NVR, BAR, MARS, and CRC members
    Want to become a CVR member? CVR Membership is only $20 and you help fund events like this and the site!
    You are *GUARANTEED* to walk away with at least twice that value in corals, usually much higher!
    Don't forget to send it as Friends and Family!

    [SIZE=3]It is that time of year again to nominate and vote for your future CVR BOD Members! The club has been quiet, we need some new blood. New to the hobby but want to help? New to the club but don't think you've got what it takes? We bet you do! If you're intimidated, don't be. We'll help you along and train you as well. How do you think we all got started? Maybe volunteer for one of the support positions to see how it all works and see how much you love it! Volunteer, nominate for a position here (or on our FaceBook Group):

    To Bring/know:
    Minimum 3 frags
    (Green Star Polyps, Clove Polyps, Blue Cloves, and Kenya Trees will not be counted towards the 3 frags)
    ~~ Don't have 3 frags? Check with our sponsors (Blue Planet, Legendary Corals, Exotic Frags, to name a few!) to get a cheap 3-frag pack! ~~
    It would be a good idea to do some homework and see what type of coral your tank can support. For example softies such as zoas & palys can be much more forgiving and don't require as much as say an acropora would. It's also a good idea to bring an icechest/cooler to transport your corals home in to help keep them well insulated. We're in Fresno, which means our spring/summer swaps are hot, and our fall/winter swaps are cold. All of your frags must be in a deli cup or styro cup with a lid. Easily found at your local Smart & Final or grocery store in a sleeve of 50 for about $5. No bags will be allowed for the sake of the coral's safety. Tupperware ok but no spaghetti sauce stains. These cups must be labeled. If they are not labeled properly you will be asked to step out of the check in line and label them. If you show up with frags in bags we will sell you a cup and lid for $1,000,000. Each. Buy 6, get one free. Labels/markings must include your screen name, what type of coral it is (zoa, shroom, chalice), if your coral is an unnamed piece please provide description ( stag), and conditions the coral requires (i.e..high light, high flow). If seeing a cup labeled "Pink Boobies Chalice" will confuse you, just know it was named that for a reason. It's probably pretty cool.

    For labeling, you can use tape and paper, mailing label stickers, or even just write on the lid. But just please make it legible to read your writing. You can get fancy and print them out too. To protect the integrity of frag swaps and to avoid any conflict during coral check-in, you are required to write down your name and handle just in case a half-dead coral slips pass us during check-in. This is not an event to pass on your half-dead corals to get healthy corals. This event is for people to share within the community. Many are appreciative to those who bring in corals listed as bonus round corals, so it's highly discouraged and frowned upon to mislabel your corals to obtain more bonus round tickets. No one will be allowed in the swapping area outside of their designated swapping time except swap volunteers. This keeps the curiosity going to what hidden treasurers there are and keeps it fair to those that may arrive later during the check in process. I do suggest somebody start a "What I am Bringing to the Swap" thread. I probably forgot something but please just ask.

    Bonus List:
    How does the bonus system work? Click that link to find out!
    ~~ Don't have 3 bonus-round qualifying frags but want a bonus ticket? Check with our sponsors (Blue Planet, Legendary Corals, Exotic Frags, to name a few!) to get a cheap 3-bonus-round frag pack! ~~

    Lunch to be provided! (Nothing is set yet, but probably some pizza, soda, and water.)

    Opportunity Drawing Prizes:

    From Bulk Reef Supply, a 4 stage RODI unit!!

    Opportunity Drawing Ticket Prices:
    $2 per ticket
    $40 for 40
    $60 for 65 with CVR Sticker
    $100 for 120 with CVR Sticker

    A couple of changes this swap:
    In an effort to reach out to more club members, or potential members, we're going to ask for help manning the Opportunity Drawing table, ticket sales, and coral placements out on the frag swap tables. Wanna help? Let us know! Don't wanna help? We might ask ya to anyways.



    Pre-Registration List:
    {coming soon!}

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    I won't bring a couch but will there be a Taco Cat sighting?

    Put me in

    on my dance card

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    Are the guys from Legendary Corals showing up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by snakeman View Post
    Are the guys from Legendary Corals showing up?
    Yep, Legendary will be on site!
    Shun the non-believer!


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