Haven't posted for awhile. My office tank is a 54 gallon "quarter round" design with Kessil lighting, sump/skimmer with filter sock - pretty standard setup. I had a BRS dual canister filter filled with carbon and phosguard running to address some pesky algae problems. I pulled the BRS and noticed the algae problem actually starting to clear! Thinking why add something harmful that was intended to help, I turned one of the canisters into a bio pellet chamber using BRS's special cartridges for the pellets. I left the other chamber empty so as not to alter the flow, which appears correct - mildly tumbling and emptying in front of the skimmer's intake. I filled the chamber about 1/3 full after reading some people over-do it. Its been running about two weeks now. The algae issue continues to improve, but then again, it was improving before, once I removed the carbon/phosguard.

My question is simple: Those with more experience using these reactors; any advice? I'm open to your tips based on your experiences.