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    New to site

    Hello, my name is Jason. Myself and my wife have had our current reef for 1-1/2 years and several years before this tank, we had another one for a few years. A move and lost interest prompted us to sell off the last tank. Our current tank is 90 gallons, 36”x24”x24”, with Kessil 160 lights, sump, skimmer, etc. we had lost several corals, figured out what we did wrong and have just recently been restocking our tank. I am hoping this site isn’t as dead as it seems. Very few posts from 2019, and the Facebook page’s last post is a year old. Anyways, thanks for adding me and hopefully there are some active people on here.
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    Tank(s): 90 gallon reef, soft and LPS corals, and fish
    Lights: Kessil 180’s
    Experience: Off and on 5 years

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    Hey Man
    Welcome to the site. Your right, it is a little slow here these day's. Having said that. The information gathered here is invaluable. Definitely worth searching the threads, since, pretty much any problem, you may come across while running your tank has been dealt with on this site.
    Have fun reading.
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