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    Central Valley Reefers Membership

    CVR Membership dues are paid annually at a rate of $20. per individual or $30. per family/household. These rates are subject to change as deemed necessary by the Governing Board to ensure the integrity of the club’s financial standing. Dues may be paid directly to a member of the CVR BOD or via the CVR website based PayPal account. CVR Membership is non-transferable. In the case of membership revocation, membership dues shall be prorated each month from the time of membership initiation or renewal at the rate of $1.66 for individuals, or $2.50 for a family.

    The benefits of CVR membership include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Access to club events
      • Meetings, field trips, special speakers

    • Access to neighboring club events when CVR is invited
      • Speakers, frag swaps

    • Frag swap participation
      • No admission charge to participate

    • Group Buy participation
    • DBTC participation
    • Tank tours
    • Raffles
    • Club discounts at participating stores and club sponsors
    • Web site privileges including:
      • Gallery
      • Photo Of The Month submissions
      • New thread creation in the Buy/Sell/Trade forum
      • Email notification/thread subscription
      • CVR member icon
      • Unlimited PMs

    All club proceeds, including dues, are added to the CVR general fund and are only used for club related activities/expenses. These include, but are not limited to, event location rental fees, food and refreshments for meetings, general supplies (raffle tickets, letterhead, card stock, etc.), fundraising purchases, costs associated with guest speakers, website hosting fees and software upgrade fees.

    In addition, any duties performed by individuals (including the BOD) on behalf of the CVR club are strictly on a voluntary basis with no financial compensation provided. The CVR club’s financial records are always available for review by any CVR club member in good standing.

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