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Thread: Majano sp. anemones

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    Majano sp. anemones

    A few weeks ago there was an inquiry of Majano anemones, and I too have been battling these pests. I am writing this post because I just recently found a product that I have had incredible success with. I have hundreds of Majano sp in my tank and have not found anything that works with great success, and that doesn't require the removal of live rock.

    The product is made by Blue Life and is called Aiptasia Control. I followed the manufacturers instructions exactly, and within 24hrs after application there was nothing left of the Majano anemones or the aiptasia. From examining my filters, and live rock I do not see that any of the targeted Majano anemones detached and moved elsewhere. I have read numerous articles and literature on erradicating these pests and I have had the greatest success with this product by far. This is just my experience with the product and am not claiming it will work for everyone, but I personally have had excellent experience with it. I would recommend anyone battling with Majano sp to give it a try.
    Hope this Helps!

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    Good to hear. I have not tried it yet but I have heard good things about that product. It is supposed to be better than Joe's Juice and works the same way. In my experience though I have found that if a tank is kicking out pest anemones at the rate that you say, they might come right back.

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    i have used it as well. i suppose i should've posted my own success...

    The Fish Store carries it. and i Love it. you can watch the lil buggers shrivel up-- its my fav part.

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    It does work really well, used it in my 144. I had hundreds of them.

    You do need to be carefull though, as one of my employees was not, and he managed to kill my elephant ear that I have had for a few years. It also caused some bleaching in some other corals that they got a little of it on. Good stuff, but must be used with caution.

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