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CVR Mission Statement

Central Valley Reefers is a group of dedicated marine aquarium hobbyists committed to bringing together people with similar interests throughout Central California. In doing so, we support ecologically-friendly propagation techniques, sharing knowledge through planned events and activities, and providing assistance to fellow enthusiasts in an open and friendly atmosphere.

  1. Welcome Exotic Frags
  2. Couple corals n' stuff for sale
  3. Special Buy - Red Robin Stag!
  4. Couple more Acros
  5. Special Buy - Rotten Watermelon Echino!
  6. 30K Lokani: kickstarter (update: kickstarted!)
  7. Thunderstorm Milli and Your Reef Austera: kickstarter (update: kickstarted!!!!)
  8. WTT: My Iwaki 30RLT (or corals) for your Iwaki 55/70/100 (or equivalent)
  9. How to glue down frags
  10. Drygoods from tank tear down
  11. Invaded by Space Invaders!
  12. Restock of some very nice Z's n P's, pic intense!
  13. Frozen Food Group Buy?
  14. Frag swap raffle
  15. FS: Show Sized (Large) Aggressive Fish
  16. Anyone do vehicle wraps?
  17. Gold Striped Maroon Clown pair
  18. FS: Nearly new Kessil 360W
  19. Cell Phone Pics are so much better these days.
  20. CBBF vs. Cyanoacrylate 'Super Glue' Gel
  21. Shaved Ice Trailer
  22. CVR Swap
  23. Thanks for the QT
  24. ATB Skimmers
  25. Christmas Ornaments - up to 2012
  26. FS: APEX Lite BNIB
  27. SPS Shoot (pic intense)
  28. FS: Nice Red Dragon (Tyree LE) frags
  29. ~2 month growth shots - SPS
  30. #WhoDahFunWithAcrylic - Saulsa's weirs!
  31. #WhoDahFunWithAcrylic - tacocat's frag racks!
  32. #WhoDahFunWithAcrylic - tacocat's overflow cover
  33. #WhoDahFunWithAcrylic - couple odds and ends
  34. Bakersfield trip tomorrow, 2014-03-08
  35. Wanted: an unnamed "Colorado Collector" Milli I lost - someone have it?
  36. Palindrome Week
  37. FS: Used fish!!
  38. Wanted: a big 'ol list!
  39. Now available: Jebao RW-15
  40. Think I'm kidding about your couch?
  41. Need a big box!
  42. Anyone need some Custom Frag Racks for CVR Swap?
  43. #WhoDahFunWithAcrylic - NVR's frag racks!
  44. #WhoDahFunWithAcrylic - Bonus PVC edition: overflow silencers!
  45. Swap special!
  46. DG for sale: LED, Chillers, Spectrapure, and more!
  47. Jebao RW-4 and RW-8 : inbound soon!
  48. FS: ZnP, Trumpet Coral, Clams, Bubble Coral, Yuma, LPS
  49. Available: Jebao RW-15, RW-8, RW-4
  50. FS: Vortech MP10WES'es
  51. MASVC F.R.A.G. December 13, 2014!!!
  52. FS: Pair of clowns - cinnamon and maroon
  53. CVR's Open Swap 2014 Prize Winners
  54. Scratch n' Dent Frag Pack
  55. Blotched anthias (borbonious) for sale
  56. BSI IC Glue Group buy
  57. Scratch n' Dent Frag Pack - 2015 Jan
  58. Scratch n' Dent Frag Pack ZnP - 2015 Jan
  59. FS: Striped Cowrie
  60. Anyone need any Jebao shibbies?
  61. Anyone need any Jebao shibbies?
  62. Tank Tear down Corals
  63. 2 x Zoa Scratch n' Dent packs
  64. Few Misc Corals for sale: White Walker and Electric Oompa Loompa Palys, Shrooms, LPS
  65. Everything on the rack, $45
  66. FS: Jebao D300 Skimmer
  67. Wanted: Bluetooth speaker
  68. FS: Aptasia
  69. Quick Frozen Food Group Buy
  70. ATI T5 Group Buy, Closes Tuesday (Sep 8th) at 8AM
  71. FS: T5 bulbs, both used and new
  72. CVR Bonus Swap Ticket Frags
  73. Free tank
  74. Christmas Ornaments - up to 2014
  75. Wanted: Mohawk Paly (AKA Variable Star Paly)
  76. Ecotech Vortech Mp40QD group buy?
  77. FS: Procorals Rainbow Acro
  78. FS: High end tank, needs work, price: $0
  79. Seeking: 5+ polyp frag of Candy Apple Reds
  80. FS: apollo reef LED
  81. Wanted: Pink Smoothie monti
  82. FS: Angels! Emperor and Flame
  83. Frozen Food Group Buy
  84. Zoa poster group buy - save on shipping CLOSED
  85. Scratch n' Dent Frag Pack - 2017 Mar
  86. Scratch n' Dent Frag Pack - 2017 Sep
  87. FS: Berghia Nudibranchs