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11-29-2012, 12:43 AM
It is very cool that BAR has its own little space here at CVR - thank you all!

Who: Tony Vargas, author of "The Coral Reef Aquarium: From Inception to Completion"
What: Topic - "Successful Reef Aquariums ver 2.0", a virtual tour detailing the design and maintenance of notable reef aquariums
When: 1:00pm, Saturday, December 15th
Where: Room 804, Chabot Community College, 25555 Hesperian Boulevard, Hayward (http://goo.gl/maps/5C3JB)

Bay Area Reefers is pleased to be host to guest speaker Tony Vargas at our general meeting on December 15th. Tony has traveled the world to photograph countless reef aquariums, and has been a speaker at MACNA and BAYMAC. The topic of his talk will be on "Successful Reef Aquariums ver 2.0," detailing tank design from conception to completion (with illustrations) of a select few breathtaking tanks.

We are delighted to have Tony here again in the San Francisco area and invite all interested reefkeepers to join BAR in welcoming Tony.




Tony Vargas Presenter Profile:
Tony Vargas started his aquatic adventures at the age of seven, with Guppies in a pickle jar. Shortly thereafter, he was breeding a large host of freshwater tropicalís. In the early eighties he took a giant leap forward and assembled his very first salt water aquarium (fish only). Moving on to more challenging waters, in the mid 1980's, he took another leap forward and experimented with marine invertebrates and corals. Moving forward in the late eighties a handful of aquarist including Tony were among the first in United States to successfully keep and maintain Acropora alive in captivity, long term. Tony began to share this experiences and knowledge with others through the many articles he wrote in a column titled "Feature Coral" for FAMA magazine. One of the Acropora articles in FAMA was acknowledge in Carden Wallace text book on Acropora titled "Staghorn Corals of the World".

Today, Tony SCUBA dives around the world taking underwater photos and observing many of these creatures in their natural environment. With his writings he has effectively communicated his experiences and observations. Tony has traveled the States and Europe giving lectures and consultations on corals, reef fish husbandry, and complete system design.

Recently, Tony has completed work on his forthcoming book titled "The Coral Reef Aquarium". This book focuses on the basics of reef keeping, how to properly assemble a coral reef aquarium (five great examples), and the long term care of these critters in a captive environment. Forward by Sanjay Joshi and Preface by J. Charles Delbeek.

11-30-2012, 01:02 AM
Tony Vargas? Dayum!!! LOL! Thank you David for the invite if I wasn't going to be tied up that weekend I'd show up.

12-10-2012, 07:54 PM
Just a reminder that Tony's talk is happening this coming Saturday! We'd love to have any CVR folks that can make it. :)