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Central Valley Reefers is a group of dedicated marine aquarium hobbyists committed to bringing together people with similar interests throughout Central California. In doing so, we support ecologically-friendly propagation techniques, sharing knowledge through planned events and activities, and providing assistance to fellow enthusiasts in an open and friendly atmosphere.

08-13-2013, 03:26 PM
Lets give a warm Welcome back to our Cvr Super Sponsor Rapid LED!!!!! They also will be donating a beautiful Onxy fixture for our very own Poker tournament coming up real soon..:D
You can see all the specs and info here at http://www.rapidled.com/onyx-by-rapid-led/

08-13-2013, 03:29 PM
Woooo! Everyone likes LEDs. Those new onyx fixtures are sweet!

08-13-2013, 04:20 PM
Hell yeah! Thanks Rapid LED for sponsoring us!

08-13-2013, 04:56 PM
Welcome to CVR!.

08-13-2013, 05:37 PM
Welcome back!!! Poker tournament? Awesome!

08-13-2013, 07:36 PM
Poker tournament .... I'm in ;)

hummu hummu glenn
08-13-2013, 07:47 PM
Poker tourney hope I'm in town for it!

08-13-2013, 07:56 PM
Poker tournament .... I'm in ;)

We not allow professionals in this game ;) JK

08-13-2013, 10:15 PM
Danggggg!!!! I will definitely be going to the poker tournament. Hopefully NateDog doesn't show us up again this year... I've been practicing my game! :) And good thing rapidled is back as I was planning on sending them some money soon. Do we get any discount by being a member? I've worked with them in the past and they have superior customer service.

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08-13-2013, 11:15 PM
I was just talking about how awesome those DIY leds are...
Thanks for being our sponsor
Oh I cant wait for the Poker tournament, i'll bring my UNO cards for us that get knocked out early.

08-13-2013, 11:36 PM
Welcome and glad to see them as a super sponsor! So should I just send natedogg my money now then? lol

Rapid LED
08-14-2013, 01:48 PM
Hello Everyone! Thank you for the warm welcome, we're excited to be back. We don't typically have a pre-existing discount for clubs we sponsor but if you'd like to get something this month just enter code M6ZVS9725B7E1 at checkout for 10% off.

Also, I'll be honest we don't monitor all of our forums daily so if you have a question or need any advice the best way to contact us is to email us at staff@rapidled.com, or feel free to give us a call.