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Thread: Invertebrate Specials and 4/27/12 Quality Marine fish order

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    Invertebrate Specials and 4/27/12 Quality Marine fish order

    We recently finished our invertebrate holding system and have specials on the following Invertebrates! We are heavily stocked on your favorite hermit crabs, shrimp, and snails.

    Sale On CUC / Inverts at Bakersfield Aquatic Pets!

    Invert Specials:

    Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp-$16.99
    Fire Shrimp-$24.99
    Peppermint Shrimp-$4.99/3 for $11.99/10 for $29.99
    Scarlet Hermit Crab-$3.99/10 for $29.99
    Red Leg Hermit Crab-10 for $6.99/50 for $24.99
    Burgundy Linckia Star - $18.99

    We also recently received a new Quality Marine order 4/27/12, lots of nice fish and invertebrates on this order!

    Quality Marine order 4/27/12

    Fish/Inverts Recieved:
    Wart Skin Angler
    Sailfin Blennies
    Starry Blenny
    True Percula Clowns
    Blue Stripe Clown
    Blue/Green Chromis
    Jaguar Goby
    Yellow Watchman Gobies
    Broad Stripe Cleaner Gobies
    XL Lemon Clown Goby
    Yashia Goby (paired with pistol shrimp!)
    Golden Head Sleeper Gobies
    Lieutenant Tang
    Powder Blue Tang
    Powder Brown Tang
    White Cheek Tang
    Chevron Tang, Juvenile (awesome color!)
    Lg. Male Blonde Naso Elegans Tang (BIG size and long streamers!)
    Scopas Tang
    Male and Female Solarensis Wrasse
    Seagrass Wrasse
    Line-spot Flasher Wrasse
    Bubble Tip Anemones
    Purple Long Tentacle Anemone
    Bushy Sea Rod Gorgonians
    Acropora Cerealis
    Acropora Lokani

    Emerald Crabs
    Anemone Crabs
    Halloween Hermits (great color on these)
    Staghorn Antler Hermits
    Dwarf Pink Feather Dusters
    Maiden's Hair Algae
    Turbo Snails
    Scarlet Cleaner Shrimp
    White Spot Anemone Shrimp
    Pistol Shrimp
    Burgundy Starfish

    Come by and check out our new system! We also have a nice show size Hawaiian Dragon Eel, stunning coloration and a must-see for your FOWLR tank! <~ Dragon Eel
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