After looking at some of your tanks, we decided you guys need to CLEAN UP. With that said, we are putting together some package deals on reef cleaners for your dirty tanks!

Reef Cleaner Package #1
5 - Peppermint Shrimp
6 - Turbo Snails
8 - Scarlet Hermit Crabs

For $24.99!

Or for those of you with larger systems that need a little more, we have:

Reef Cleaner Package #2
10 - Peppermint Shrimp
12- Turbo Snails
16 - Scarlet Hermits

For $39.99!

Sale is good until September 2nd, 2012. While supplies last. No additional discounts apply.

In addition to those cleaner packs, we also have a large shipment of Cerith Snails, Panama Hermit Crabs, Nassarius Snails, and Emerald Crabs. We also have a nice shipment of corals in; lots of SPS, Acans, Chalices, and Scolymia. We recently fragged up some of our larger Maze Brain colonies, Acan colonies, and a few of our chalices so there is some nice stuff to be had for a good price! I will be posting some new pictures of choice corals shortly, so check back in to see some of the goods!