Hello CVR!

We've created another amazing zoa pack for you guys. This one is for the high end collectors, who are looking to beef up their collection in an instant! Full of rare morphs, this one is sure to make your zoa friends drool in envy.

High-End Zoa Pack: $550 value, $399.99 pack price (shipped)
Top Row (left to right): 4p YR Peachy Blues, 2p Dontatella morph, 1p Tyree Orange
Middle Row (left to right): 3p White Velvets (the last of this infamous morph), 1p ASD Imperial Suns (by far the most orange CAR morph we've EVER seen), 1p LC Bloodlusts
Bottom Row (left to right): 1p Utter Chaos, 1p LC Sakura Blossoms (first frag available over a year!), 1p LC Petroglyphs

The High-End Zoa Collector's Pack, includes the all new ASD Imperial Suns and our signature LC Sakura Blossoms (hasn't been available in over a year!)

We've also added a small handful of cherry pieces. Swing on by the site to view the latest Legendary Update.

Hallucination Shroom.

The infamous Utter Chaos are back!

A few frags of rainbow acans are also available!

The most orange filled CAR morph we've run across, ASD Imperial Suns. Simple stunning in person, only 3 single polyp frags are available on our site.