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Thread: Latest Legendary Update! Awesome new zoas and limited time freebie!

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    Latest Legendary Update! Awesome new zoas and limited time freebie!

    Hey guys,

    It's been awhile since we've made an update. We've been busy expanding our selection and well... just busy with things in general! There are some pretty big plans happening over here in LC Headquarters, but they're all hush hush for now. We'll spill the beans eventually...

    Anyways! We've collected a couple of new morphs and pieces to share with our fellow reefers. We got our hands on this ridiculously bright pink zoa, but we're just going to call them Cat Eyes since they look close enough to them. This week we're going to be giving a frag of them away for FREE with every order! And by that, I mean you get a frag of Cat Eyes ALONG with your tiered freebie! Just a little appreciate for all of our customers and reefers.

    So bright, so beautiful, and so... FREE!!!

    Now onto the goodies! We scored an insane blatomussa along with three new morphs to our collection. If you're a fan of rainbows, unique colors, or red, then this is an update for you. Zoa lovers rejoice, and swing on by the site today!

    Who here loves insane blastos?

    A new rainbow morph in our arsenal. Your rainbow collection isn't complete without these!

    A new morph we haven't seen before... Bright gold centers with black striations. These Golden Bandits are sure to steal your attention with their uniqueness!

    Behold, an all new red zoa! If your favorite color is red then you're going to love our new Dragonfruits. Black skirts and markings on a red body topped off with a steel blue mouth, you're going to end up using your drool as top off water.

    Thanks again guys! We hope to send you a box of Legendaries soon.


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