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Thread: It's "The Zoa"

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    It's "The Zoa"

    It's been a long dream of mine to score some sweet zoa and just call it "the zoa." I mean, how funny would that be right? You would be talking with your friend and be like "Hey, have you seen The Zoa?" "What do mean, which zoa?" "Dude, THE ZOA!"

    Thinking this might cool enough to be the one! With the hundreds of zoa morphs stored in my brain, I don't think I've come across this one before. Found one polyp of this potential gem about a year ago and it's blossomed into a true gem after much TLC. Purple-Black body, ruby center, and adonis like skirts. This is all we have at the moment, hopefully it grows out some more! Just sharing for now.

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