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Thread: NVR Members Only Swap

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    NVR Members Only Swap

    Hey everyone we're working out all the details for this event and will update this thread as we have things all set. For now I wanted to give the membership a heads up on the swap date. We will be using the same building as last time and I am working on having signs up along the road to the building so no one gets lost. Also I am working on stocking the coral tables at the swap with around $300.00 to $400.00 in wholesale corals from Tropical Fish International. More details will follow shortly, but for now I just wanted everyone to save the date on their calendars.

    Where: 217 Fyffe St. Stockton, CA
    When: Saturday, Nov 21, 2015
    Shopping: Starts at 10:30a.m.

    Registration: 11:30-12:45pm

    Swapping: 1:00pm until we run out of corals

    Entry Fee: $5 NVR Contributing Members

    + 3 coral frags.

    Spectators are allowed (no admission charge) and will be able to shop and buy raffle tickets.

    Why: Sharing the brightly colored stick, squishy, or poisonous things we all love to stare at.


    To participate in the frag swap, all you will need is three different frags. Frags must be at minimum 1” for SPS, 2 polyps/heads/eyes per LPS, and 3-5 polyps minimum for zoas/palys.

    Example of participation: 1 Ponape Birdsnest, 1 Red Digi, 1 yellow zoa frag or $20.

    To acquire a bonus round ticket(s) you will need to provide 3 bonus round eligible frags per 1 bonus round ticket.

    Example of 3 bonus round frags: 1 (3)polyp frag of MaryJane zoas, 1” frag of ORA Red Planet, and 1 (3)polyp frag of Utter Chaos zoas.

    Bonus list will be posted.

    To keep things fair, only up to ONE set of doubles are accepted towards your bonus round ticket.

    For corals that are considered bonus round eligible as well to submit corals that you may want to add to the list. If your coral is considered for the list we will give you the minimum frag standard in that thread.

    Corals that are excluded from the swap entirely: Kenya Tree, Xenia, Purple Clove Polyps, Green or Yellow Star Polyps, Anthelia, brown button polyps. You may bring these items for freebies, but they will not work towards your entrance requirements. If you are questioning your corals please ask here to see if they qualify.

    Please have all coral in individual, clear water tight containers. NO STYROFOAM CONTAINERS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

    Clear food containers and lids can be found at Smart and Final for like $5 for a sleeve of 50 cups and 100 lids. Clear cups help people see what coral is inside without having to take off the lid. If you bring your coral in a non clear container it will be moved into a clear container at registration.

    Label each cup with you name along with information that clearly identifies the coral, light requirements, hardiness, and flow. If you do not know the given name for a coral, a small description will work just as good. You can use tape and paper, mailing label stickers, but just please make it legible to read your writing. We would prefer you to have your labels printed if possible.

    To protect the integrity of frag swaps and to avoid any conflict during coral check-in, you are required to write down your name and handle just in case a half-dead coral slips past us during check-in. This is not an event to pass on your half-dead corals to get healthy corals. This event is for people to share within the community. Many are appreciative to those who bring in corals listed as bonus round corals, so it's highly discouraged and frowned upon to mislabel your corals to obtain more bonus round tickets.

    Frag Label: NVR_Frag_Label.pdf 66.89K 94 downloads

    Example of what should be on a label: Green Acro with Blue Growth tips. Strong lighting (MH) and strong flow. Considered easy with proper SPS levels.


    Registration will open at 11:30am and close about 12:45pm. Swapping will start estimated around 1:00pm. So don’t be late…

    Each person that meets the requirements to participate in the swap will be issued a colored bracelet during check-in. The color and the picking order will be announced 15 minutes prior to picking (estimated 1:00pm). Please make sure to check-in and get your picking bracelet, this is your entrance into the swap area.

    Picking order…Those that qualify for the bonus round will receive a ticket for each qualifying 3 bonus round frags. There is no limit on how many bonus round tickets you get, as long as you meet the requirements for the bonus round ticket.

    The Bonus Round will be broken down into 2 rounds. Anyone who has a Bonus Round ticket will have 4 minutes to pick from the tables and redeem 1 ticket per frag picked. Everyone must exit the picking area. After the first round anyone who still has bonus round tickets will have another 4 minutes to go and pick frags for the rest of their tickets.

    After the bonus rounds are up, the general swap will then begin. Picking order will follow the standard up and back orientation (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10) then back (10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1) then back (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10) repeat until all frags are gone. Each group will have three minutes to pick their frags. This formation will continue until all frags are cleared from the tables.

    No one will be allowed in the swapping area except swap volunteers. This keeps the curiosity going to what hidden treasurers there are and keeps it fair to those that may arrive closer to the 1:00pm deadline.

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    I know some of you guys are members of our club as well and I just wanted to post the info here as well, if your not a member of NVR as well you can sign up at the swap to be a member at a cost of $20.00. Will have awesome raffle prizes as well like a Full Lab Grade Apex unit, should be a awesome event if you can make it up here.

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