As many of you know, we currently do not have an official BOD. As former President, I'd like to shed some light on our plans due to this unique situation to give the entire club a chance to review our plan and/or offer suggestions and/or get involved.

The 2016 BOD consists of:

President - Archaic37
Vice President - George
Membership - Cisco
Sponsor Relations - Nuocmam
Communications - Saulsa

At the CVR 2017 Spring/Summer Open Frag Swap, held in June of 2017, BOD elections took place as per by-law 3.01. By-law 4.04 was satisfied, but unfortunately, not a single volunteer nor nominee accepted any position. This puts us in a unique situation not entirely covered by the by-laws. The by-laws address the absence of some of the BOD members, but not a complete lack thereof.

As such, the suggestion was made to those willing to help to step up be trained in hopes of a desire to fill a BOD position(s), and to operate under the oversight of the 2016 BOD with an emphasized agenda to get the club back on track.

With that in mind, we've had the Winter 2017 swap (which had a 25% increase in attendees since the June swap), and the upcoming Christmas Social with the significant help of any and all who were willing to step up. NOBODY who offered to help was turned down! (Side note: the Christmas Social wasn't going to happen in 2017. We received 3 replies on the forums of people that wanted one, 2 in the FaceBook group. But at the swap, interest was expressed in person by several additional people. As such, and albeit with short notice, we decided to not break 13 years of tradition and to have the 14th annual Christmas Social. At that time, it was 2 weeks before Christmas. Knowing we couldn't give 3 days notice to have it that weekend, and knowing that the weekend of Christmas is booked with folks either having family in town and/or heading out of town themselves, the weekday night of Wednesday was chosen.)

To get the club back on track: With at least 15 days notice, posted on the forums (as per club by-law 3.02 and 3.03), to include (i) thirty percent of the members or (ii) twelve members, in person or via proxy (as per club by-law 3.04 through 3.11), we will be calling a special meeting. (Date and time to be announced.) Thus, we will be fulfilling by-law 4.11(d) shortly after the holidays so as to ensure a quorum and adequate notice as per My8yy99the previously stated by-law. (Which is why we won't be doing it at the Christmas Social - there was not enough notice given.)

With all of that said: we are open to thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. we highly encourage you to become involved! You are what makes Central Valley Reefers great!

-Kevin Bauer
2016 CVR Club President